Rain, rain, go away

At the end of May, I returned South for the summer. Yes, that sounds like a strange thing to do, but I was told if I was able to leave the city, I should.

At the end of June, my cousin had her wedding at my parents’ lake house. Well, if anyone had seen the house in December there would have been much doubt about whether or not a wedding would actually be held. There were no walls in the basement, the porch was still predominantly plywood with 2-by-4 boards nailed up to pass code (5 years ago)–and so full of holes from carpenter bees I’m surprised they hadn’t turned to dust–and the backyard was a giant mud pit.backyard When I arrived at the end of May, walls were up in the basement and my dad was working on putting in the bathrooms. The porch was finished…for the most part. Railing wouldn’t go up until mid-June. The week of the wedding actually.

Doors were hung on the bathroom and the bedrooms in the basement my third week home and I spent the week pulling tiny pine trees out of the mulch in the front yard in preparation for more mulch. The week of the wedding had all available hands building a waterfall/pond, moving rock, and spreading mulch. The wedding was fantastic. Despite it being the hottest day of the year thus far.

It’s fortunate the wedding wasn’t a week later, because weather turned the next week and it poured every. single. day. Though the rain would take a 10-15 minute break occasionally, the sun never showed. Today was the first time I’ve seen blue sky in seven days, even if it’s currently raining again.

All that to say, yesterday the constant rain stopped and there has been an Eastern Tiger SwallowtailTiger Swallowtail (or its friends)  bashing against the window and distracting me from my work. When I didn’t seen it zip off the last time it played a visit, I grabbed my camera and pretended I was a nature photographer–before it attacked my face at least.

Butterfly BushPerhaps they’re attracted to the butterfly bush that blew itself over to our yard from the neighbor’s and rooted itself in a convenient spot. Where it’s rooted is as good as any so now we have a free plant. Yay!


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